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Simbalta prescribed me a neurologist, primarily for the treatment of chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system. I had two operations to remove a hernia of the lumbar spine, the second with the installation of titanium implants. Unfortunately, my pains remained, rather strong and constant.

Dolore Amet Consequat

Total I saw Simbaltu almost half a year. The antidepressant effect manifested itself quite quickly and pronouncedly, everyday neuroses were gone, hope for the best appeared. But my pain has not gone away. Maybe it became a little easier, but by 10 percent, not more. And then I decided to cancel Simbalt.

And then I went through seven circles of hell. Reduced the dose gradually, drank 30 mg for two weeks. Seems OK. Canceled completely. And then it began. In the head electrical discharges every minute. Like a salute that explodes in your head and hits from inside your ears and eyes. The first days of cancellation, I could hardly get out of bed, it was so bad. Plus, nausea, tachycardia, insomnia, cold sweat at night - wet clothes and bed linen. Well, depression began to return on the sly, which is already there.

  • In general, the withdrawal syndrome barely suffered.
  • He is still going on with me. But gradually it will be easier).
  • Summarizing, it helps with depression, there is no pain.
  • It is easy to start drinking, it is much more difficult to quit.